About us

We are Hilo Tiling. HIGH on quality and LOW on cost.

Since 2004 we have been laying tiles across Christchurch and Canterbury, completing jobs to a high standard while maintaining competitive prices.

You can see our work in 10 buildings at the University of Canterbury, through homes which have gone on to win House of the Year awards, in city motels, swimming pools, paved areas, modern kitchens and designer-inspired bathrooms.

As this track record implies, we are reliable, friendly, professional and easy to work with. We do what's necessary to give our customers high quality finishes at the lowest possible price.

We guarantee our work. Our company has public liability insurance for up to $10 million

You can have confidence in the tiling we will do for your project. Let's talk.

The work we can do


Showers, bathrooms, balconies and swimming pools, they all need to be absolutely water tight. And we know how to do that.

You can always replace a cracked tile. But if your waterproof barrier fails you'll be in trouble. Repairing a poorly proofed surface will cost you massive inconvenience and a lot of money.

Our techniques are right up to speed.

We use industry standard materials provided by leading brands, such as Ardex, Mapei, Bostik and Davco. These companies have certified us as approved tradesmen with their products, and we can produce PS3s for you.

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The Hilo Tiling team will level floors, fix cracked concrete surfaces, and grind out imperfections so you get an ideal surface for tiling. It's got to be done right and we do it right.

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It's cold in a Christchurch winter. We've had a lot of success laying under-tile heating systems here. You've got to get it right and we know how to make floors cozy, dry and warm.

Products from Warm Floor, Warm Up and Devi have proven themselves in the New Zealand market, and we recommend and install them. They can come with touch screen interfaces, thermostats, be fully automatic, and programmable so you can set them to turn on and off at the right times.

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